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Best Blaxploitation Movies

  • Black Dynamite

    Black Dynamite (R, 2009)

    Michael Jai White, Kym E. Whitley, Tommy Davidson, Kevin Chapman, Byron Minns
    African-American action legend Black Dynamite goes after 'The Man' for killing his brother Jimmy, fo... read morer pumping heroin into local orphanages and for flooding the ghetto with hopped-up malt liquor.
    • gamergrant1996
      gamergrant1996: . The film is a perfect homage/new entry of the blaxploitation genre.
      Reviewed 11 days days ago
    • henryfarman
      henryfarman: This spoof of the 70s blaxploitation genre is hilarious! It's made by a group of clearly talented people, who are able to
      Reviewed 3 months days ago
    • fb813389394
      fb813389394: Black Dynamite is an awful movie taken at face value, but as a Parody of and Homage to Blaxploitati
      Reviewed 11 months days ago