Best Baseball Movies

  • Moneyball

    Moneyball (PG-13, 2011)

    Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright, Chris Pratt
    Based on a true story, Moneyball is a movie for anybody who has ever dreamed of taking on the system... read more. Brad Pitt stars as Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A's and the guy who assembles the team, who has an epiphany: all of baseball's conventional wisdom is wrong. Forced to reinvent his team on a tight budget, Beane will have to outsmart the richer clubs. The onetime jock teams with Ivy League grad Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) in an unlikely partnership, recruiting bargain players that the scouts call flawed, but all of whom have an ability to get on base, score runs, and win games. It's more than baseball, it's a revolution - one that challenges old school traditions and puts Beane in the crosshairs of those who say he's tearing out the heart and soul of the game. -- (C) Sony Pictures
    • fb619917674
      fb619917674: The best baseball movie ever made and I've seen them all. Pitt does an outstanding job and I personally have
      Reviewed 3 months days ago
    • fb100000570202513
      fb100000570202513: me name (also based off actual events), Moneyball follows the 2002 season of the Oklahoma Athletics baseball team. Moneyball not only delves into the events and how they play out, but also show the i
      Reviewed 2 months days ago
    • fb100002047014596
      fb100002047014596: Finally, the hard side of baseball gets its justice.
      Reviewed 12 days days ago
  • Field of Dreams

    Field of Dreams (PG, 1989)

    Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta, Burt Lancaster
    "If you build it, he will come." That's the ethereal message that inspires Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella ... read more(Kevin Costner) to construct a baseball diamond in the middle of his cornfield. At first, "he" seems to be the ghost of disgraced ballplayer Shoeless Joe Jackson (Ray Liotta), who materializes on the ballfield and plays a few games with the awestruck Ray. But as the weeks go by, Ray receives several other messages from a disembodied voice, one of which is "Ease his pain." He realizes that his ballfield has been divinely ordained to give a second chance to people who have sacrificed certain valuable aspects of their lives. One of these folks is Salingeresque writer Terence Mann (James Earl Jones), whom Ray kidnaps and takes to a ball game and then to his farm. Another is Doc Graham (Burt Lancaster), a beloved general practitioner who gave up a burgeoning baseball career in favor of medicine. The final "second-chancer" turns out to be much closer to Ray. That "magical" field in Dyersville, Iowa still draws thousands of baseball-happy tourists each year. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi
    • fb100002102866551
      fb100002102866551: Best baseball movie made. A classic that must be watched every spring and fall for those who are basebal
      Reviewed 6 months days ago
    • fb1203699579
      fb1203699579: It was a nostalgic feel-good movie about baseball greats from the past.
      Reviewed 11 months days ago
    • fb5307421
      fb5307421: Lover and baseball; reminds me of growing up and listening to my father's stories about baseball. He and I thr
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • Bull Durham

    Bull Durham (R, 1988)

    Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Trey Wilson, Robert Wuhl
    A blend of comedy, drama and romance, Bull Durham follows the intertwining of three lives brought to... read moregether by the great American pastime. Crash Davis (Kevin Costner, showcasing his Midwestern charm) is a perennial Minor Leaguer assigned to the Durham Bulls, a hapless team with a long tradition of mediocrity. There he tutors a young, dim-witted pitching prodigy, Nuke LaLoosh (Tim Robbins) in the ways of baseball, life, and love. Each strikes up a romance with Annie (Susan Sarandon), the team's "mascot" who takes it upon herself to sleep with a new player every season. Each has his/her own conflict: Crash struggles to end his career with some measure of dignity; Nuke struggles to make it to the "big show"; and Annie struggles to find something more than a roll in the hay -- and of course, Crash and Nuke come into conflict over Annie's affections to further complicate matters. The film treats the sport of baseball with a sort of casual reverence, highlighting both the drama and the humor inherent in the game, illustrated by Annie's numerous references to baseball as "her religion." ~ Jeremy Beday, Rovi
    • niners4life80
      niners4life80: One of the best baseball movie sees Kevin Costner team up with frequent collaborator director Ron Shelton. Costner p
      Reviewed 2 months days ago
    • msugrl33
      msugrl33: One of my favorite baseball movies of all times. Kevin Costner and Susan Sarrandon are perfect in this movie.
      Reviewed 2 months days ago
    • fb748618358
      fb748618358: I was with this baseball classic all the way... until the ridiculously gratuitous sex scenes between Costner and Sar
      Reviewed 11 months days ago
  • The Natural

    The Natural (PG, 1984)

    Robert Redford, Robert Duvall, Glenn Close, Kim Basinger, Wilford Brimley
    The film version of The Natural pulls off the neat trick of conveying the spirit of the Bernard Mala... read moremud novel upon which it is based, even while changing both the outcome and the meaning of Malamud's closing chapters. In his first film appearance in four years, Robert Redford plays Roy Hobbs, a farm boy with a hankering to be a great baseball player. With his faithful homemade bat "Wonderboy" in hand, Roy heads to the big city. En route, he arouses the fascination of the mysterious Harriet Bird (Barbara Hershey). Luring the boy to a hotel room, Harriet asks Roy what he wants out of life. Roy brashly responds he wants to be "the best there is," whereupon Harriet whips out a gun and shoots Roy down. Sixteen years later, a humbler Roy Hobbs emerges from the bush leagues to become a 35-year-old "rookie" on the 1939 lineup of the New York Knights. He soon becomes the team's star player, and in so doing once more attracts enigmatic woman Memo Paris (Kim Basinger), the glamorous niece of the Knights' manager Pop Fisher (Wilford Brimley) and the mistress of Rothstein-like gambler Gus Sands (a curiously unbilled Darren McGavin). Roy's fascination with Memo compromises his ability to play, but this time he finds salvation in the form the angelic Iris Gaines (Glenn Close), his childhood sweetheart. From this point forward, the script for The Natural bears very little resemblance to the Malamud original. Without giving anything away, it can be said that Roy Hobbs is given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compensate for the mistakes of his youth, despite the demonic intrusion of inexplicably spiteful sports writer Max Mercy (Robert Duvall). The Natural elevates the art of slow-motion photography to new heights; while this technique would become precious and boring in later baseball films, it works beautifully here, as does the decision by director Barry Levinson and cinematographer Caleb Deschanel to convey the symbolism inherent in the story in purely visual rather than blatantly verbal terms. (If the characters told you that the story was a retelling of the Camelot legend in baseball terms, would you have watched?) Another plus is the pastoral theme music by Randy Newman, which has been well utilized on sports broadcasts and "human interest" TV documentaries ever since. The baseball scenes in The Natural were staged at War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo, New York. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi
    • fb159000931
      fb159000931: It's been a long time, but the allure of The Natural as one of the pre-eminent baseball movies still holds true. Didn't remember it ending so suddenly though. Would probably be a
      Reviewed 32 days days ago
    • fb1614518562
      fb1614518562: I thought that this film had an interesting twist towards the end by going back to the gun shot and baseball bat.
      Reviewed 8 months days ago
    • fb100000912132164
      fb100000912132164: ht be a little unrealistic but the acting and the soundtrack still make The Natural an overall good baseball film.
      Reviewed 12 months days ago
  • For Love of the Game

    For Love of the Game (PG-13, 1999)

    Kevin Costner, Kelly Preston, John C. Reilly, Jena Malone, Brian Cox
    Based on the novel by Michael Shaara, For Love of the Game brought Kevin Costner back to the world o... read moref baseball after his successes with Bull Durham (1988) and Field of Dreams (1989). Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner) is a star pitcher with the Detroit Tigers, standing on the mound at Yankee Stadium and throwing what is shaping up to be a perfect game with the help of his best friend and catcher, Gus Osinski (John C. Reilly). However, Billy is having a hard time keeping his mind on the game; he's come to a crossroads in both his personal and professional lives, and he isn't sure what to do or where to go. He's learned that the Tigers are about to be sold, and the new owners intend to trade him at the end of the season, and that his girlfriend Jane (Kelly Preston) is planning to leave him. For Love of the Game represents a change of pace for director Sam Raimi, best-known for the Evil Dead trilogy and the acclaimed suspense drama A Simple Plan (1998) (although Raimi, a baseball fan born in Michigan, doubtless enjoyed making a film featuring the Detroit Tigers). ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • fb614682813
      fb614682813: is a little overlong, this is a sweeping, philosophical and mature film that captures the heart of baseball. They don't make 'em like this anymore.
      Reviewed 2 months days ago
    • fb662790634
      fb662790634: s probably not that good, but that gets five stars because it mashes up two of my favourite things: baseball and sappy love stories.

      And it does a great job of showing why baseball is the greatest sp
      Reviewed 15 months days ago
    • fb1466130084
      fb1466130084: A fun premise for baseball fans, but somewhere in this 2 and a half hour mess there's a movie. Although it's kind of f
      Reviewed 6 months days ago
  • The Sandlot

    The Sandlot (PG, 1993)

    Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar, Patrick Renna, Chauncey Leopardi, Marty York
    The Sandlot is sparsely narrated by the main character (now an adult) who occasionally drops in on t... read morehe action to comment on events or help move the story along. Tom Guiry plays Scotty Smalls, the shy new kid on the block who wants to join the rowdy pickup baseball team that plays every day in the neighborhood sandlot. But he doesn't know how to catch a baseball, and his stepfather (Dennis Leary) is too busy to teach him. He tries out for the sandlot gang anyway, and though he isn't very good, it turns out he's lucky: there happen to be only eight of them, and nine makes a team. The summer passes blissfully as Scotty learns to play ball under the wing of Benny Rodriguez (Mike Vitar), the oldest and best player, as well as Ham, Squints, Repeat, and the rest of the kid-eccentrics. The skies darken, however, when Benny literally knocks the stuffing out of the team's only baseball, a sign of impending doom, or worse, bad luck. Wanting to set things right, Scotty returns home and "borrows" his stepfather's ball, which he promptly uses to hit his first home run, knocking the ball clear out of the sandlot into mean old Mr. Mertle (James Earl Jones)'s junkyard, home to Mertle's legendary guard dog The Beast. Scotty admits that he took the ball without asking, and he naively explains that his stepfather will want it back since it had a woman's name written on it: some lady named Babe Ruth. Horror-stricken, the sandlot gang mobilizes to fetch the autographed ball from the clutches of The Beast, building a series of mechanical ball-retrieval machines which get progressively more complicated and preposterous as The Beast's size grows in their imaginations. ~ Anthony Reed, Rovi
    • fb569767573
      fb569767573: Average American back in the day film when we played baseball y'all. Give me Stand By Me and the Goonies any day
      Reviewed 12 months days ago
    • fb1508046625
      fb1508046625: The sandlot is a cool movie cuz i love baseball and at the end it has my dodgers on that movie, yay. =)
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb552680127
      fb552680127: . Nostalgia, a little baseball history and summer ball. An all time favorite and one the family watches at least once a ye
      Reviewed 22 months days ago
  • Major League

    Major League (R, 1989)

    Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen, Margaret Whitton, James Gammon
    Sample three beers before selecting your favorite for a pint to enjoy during the movie! Also include... read mores snacks. The new owner of the Cleveland Indians puts together a purposely horrible team so they'll lose and she can move the team. But when the plot is uncovered, they start winning just to spite her.
    • fb100003276791161
      fb100003276791161: Easily one of the greatest baseball movies of all time. It is so cliche and by the books but it is a classic. It actually put t
      Reviewed 2 months days ago
    • fb100001571558023
      fb100001571558023: The best baseball movie ever, filled with fun laughs and with great acting. This movie sets the bar high for
      Reviewed 3 months days ago
    • fb813389394
      fb813389394: e funny bone and emotionally satisfies with a bit of hardball drama and wonderfully-shot and played baseball segments. Each cast member pitches a perfect game in front of the camera, each character as
      Reviewed 7 months days ago
  • A League of Their Own

    A League of Their Own (PG, 1992)

    Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, Lori Petty, Madonna, Jon Lovitz
    The All-American Girls' Professional Baseball League was founded in 1943, when most of the men of ba... read moreseball-playing age were far away in Europe and Asia fighting World War II. The league flourished until after World War II, when, with the men's return, the league was consigned to oblivion. Director Penny Marshall and screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel re-create the wartime era when women's baseball looked to stand a good chance of sweeping the country. The story begins as a candy-bar tycoon enlists agents to scour the country to find women who could play ball. In the backwoods of Oregon, two sisters -- Dottie (Geena Davis) and Kit (Lori Petty) -- are discovered. Dottie can hit and catch, while Kit can throw a mean fastball. The girls come to Chicago to try out for the team with other prospects that include their soon-to-be-teammates Mae Mordabito (Madonna), Doris Murphy (Rosie O'Donnell), and Marla Hooch (Megan Cavanagh). The team's owner, Walter Harvey (Gary Marshall) needs someone to coach his team and he picks one-time home-run champion Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks), who is now a broken-down alcoholic. After a few weeks of training, as Dugan sobers up, the team begins to show some promise. By the end of the season, the team has improved to the point where they are competing in the World Series (which is no big deal, since there are only four teams in the league). ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi
    • fb100001571558023
      fb100001571558023: Great baseball film, captures the emotion of baseball while demonstrating what women ballplayers went thro
      Reviewed 3 days days ago
    • fb100000197333990
      fb100000197333990: Another great baseball film this time girls are playing!
      Reviewed 2 months days ago
    • fb519203033
      fb519203033: World War, "Harvey Candy Bar" owner "Walter Harvey" (Garry Marshall) decides to create an all-women baseball league.

      Two players recruited are two farm girls, sisters from Iowa who are in the middl
      Reviewed 13 months days ago
  • The Rookie

    The Rookie (G, 2002)

    Dennis Quaid, Rachel Griffiths, Jay Hernandez, Beth Grant, Angus T. Jones
    The true story of a middle-aged baseball rookie comes to the screen from Finding Forrester (2000) sc... read morereenwriter Mike Rich and the studio behind the previous year's equally inspirational sports drama Remember the Titans (2001). Twelve years ago, the pro baseball aspirations of Texas pitcher Jim Morris (Dennis Quaid) were derailed by a severe shoulder injury. Jim became a high school science teacher and baseball coach, married his sweetheart, Lorri (Rachel Griffiths), and settled down to raise a family. After corrective surgery repairs, despite the longstanding damage to his shoulder, Jim discovers that he can pitch a ball even faster than he could before. When his team delivers a lackluster on-field performance in a losing game, coach and players agree to a wager: If they'll make it to the district championships, he'll try out for a major league ball club. When his team makes it to the championship and wins for the first time in the school's history, Jim is forced to live up to his end of the bargain. Nearly laughed off the field, he confounds the pro scouts by tossing successive fastballs that clock at nearly 100 miles per hour. It seems that Jim is about to live his dream of joining a major league team in middle age, when most players are planning their retirement. The Rookie (2002) co-stars Brian Cox, Beth Grant, and Jay Hernandez. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi
    • fb715118525
      fb715118525: It's a movie about baseball starring Dennis Quaid. Of course I am going to like it! :)
      Reviewed 12 months days ago
    • fb511895794
      fb511895794: Very uplifting story about a high school teacher who at an old age goes back to playing baseball. Dennis Quaid is the reason this film does so well. He is naturally likeable in the film an
      Reviewed 20 months days ago
    • gamergrant1996
      gamergrant1996: . In the top ten for baseball films. Great performance from Dennis Quaid.
      Reviewed 21 months days ago
  • Fever Pitch (The Perfect Catch)

    Fever Pitch (The Perfect Catch) (PG-13, 2005)

    Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon, Jason Spevack, Jack Kehler, Scott H. Severance
    Nick Hornby's acclaimed memoir about one man's struggle to balance his love of a woman and his love ... read morefor soccer was the basis of a well-reviewed British film in 1997, and now gets a Americanized rewrite with this picture, in which the game is changed from soccer to baseball. Ben (Jimmy Fallon) is a high-school teacher who meets Lindsay (Drew Barrymore), who has a successful career in business. Ben and Lindsay don't appear to have much in common on the surface, but they hit it off and are soon involved in a serious romance. But when spring rolls around, Lindsay becomes aware of the true love of Ben's life -- the Boston Red Sox. Despite the team's lamentable record, Ben has been a fiercely loyal Red Sox fan since childhood, and Lindsay finds it hard to compete with his passion for baseball, while Ben is forced to choose between the obsessions of his youth and the enthusiasms of a responsible adult. Fever Pitch was shot in part in Boston during the 2004 baseball season, which to the surprise of the filmmakers saw the Red Sox winning baseball's world series for the first time since 1918. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • fb100001513380747
      fb100001513380747: My kind of a rom-com that was well developed with a piece of the sports genre of a baseball film, and charming with the performances of Barrymore and Fallon, along with some good humo
      Reviewed 9 months days ago
    • baseball32
      baseball32: Cute romantic comedy with baseball as a backdrop, starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. What's not to like?
      Reviewed 8 months days ago
    • fb508486411
      fb508486411: . The story was kinda cute, and sort of a typical guy thing where he cant decide between baseball or a girl. I just think they coul dhave used someone better than Jimmy Fallon. Anyone else
      Reviewed 16 months days ago