Best Army Movies

  • Jarhead

    Jarhead (R, 2005)

    Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Lucas Black, Brian Geraghty, Jacob Vargas
    "Jarhead" (the self-imposed moniker of the Marines) follows Swoff, a third-generation enlistee, from... read more a sobering stint in boot camp to active duty, sporting a sniper's rifle and a hundred-pound rucksack on his back through Middle East deserts with no cover from intolerable heat or from Iraqi soldiers, always potentially just over the next horizon. Swoff and his fellow Marines sustain themselves with sardonic humanity and wicked comedy on blazing desert fields in a country they don't understand against an enemy they can't see for a cause they don't fully fathom.
    • Petes1234567
      Petes1234567: one of the best war/ army training film.great cast with fascinating characters & setting
      surprised there isnt any other
      Reviewed 11 months days ago
    • Liesebieke
      Liesebieke: roblems with Vietnam movies and military movies in general because I don't see the necessity of any army- wherever, whenever. But this was the first movie about the Gulf War I watched and it was reall
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • thesouthernlady
      thesouthernlady: I like how they show the army in Iraq and how gfs/bfs leave their army bfs/gfs. I like the action. The actors are great in it
      Reviewed 6 years days ago