Best Adorable Movies

  • Waitress

    Waitress (PG-13, 2007)

    Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Shelly, Jeremy Sisto
    Trapped in a miserable marriage and blessed with the ability to transform her misery into delicious ... read moredesserts, a small-town waitress finds her life forever changed by an unplanned pregnancy. Every day, Jenna (Keri Russell) ties on her apron and serves her customers with a smile, and every night she goes to bed knowing that she is one step closer to the day that she can kiss her scarily domineering husband (Jeremy Sisto) goodbye forever. A smart and sassy baker whose extraordinary pies are inspired by her daily trials and tribulations, Jenna fears that her dreams are all but dead when handsome Dr. Pomatter (Nathan Fillion) reveals that she is soon to become a mother. As Jenna begins penning a series of letters to her unborn baby, her life starts to change for the better in ways she never could have imagined. The final film from actress/filmmaker Adrienne Shelly, Waitress debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah just months after the director was discovered dead in her New York City apartment -- the victim of a homicide. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • SCClements
      SCClements: . Too bad, because Keri Russell's adorable in it.
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • fb595948406
      fb595948406: absolutley adorable movie...I love a movie with an actual plot and lines for the actors :)
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
    • theclockstop
      theclockstop: An adorable movie, really sweet without the gag reflex. Keri Russell is great, gorgeous and likeable, a
      Reviewed 6 years days ago
  • Definitely, Maybe

    Definitely, Maybe (PG-13, 2008)

    Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Derek Luke, Abigail Breslin, Elizabeth Banks
    A political consultant in the midst of a bitter divorce attempts to delicately divulge the truth abo... read moreut his past relationships to his curious young daughter, who simply won't stop asking questions until she's satisfied with all the answers. Ten-year-old Maya (Abigail Breslin) is heartbroken to see her parents splitting up, but she's determined to find out precisely how it was that mom and dad came together in the first place. When Maya starts questioning her father Will (Ryan Reynolds) about his life before marriage, dad's memories soon drift back to the time when, as a na´ve Wisconsin native and aspiring politician hoping to work on the presidential election, he first arrived in New York City. As Will gradually became savvy to the ways of the big city, he gradually developed romantic relationships with three very different women: Emily (Elizabeth Banks) was the girl-next-door that he could always depend on, apolitical April (Isla Fisher) was the best friend and confidante who was always there to listen, and free-spirited journalist Summer (Rachel Weisz) was both beautiful and ambitious. In order to prevent his perceptive little girl from predicting the outcome before his story is told, Will carefully changes the names of his three romantic interests, creating a hopelessly romantic puzzle that highlights both the joys and hardships of true love. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • jackieortman
      jackieortman: Abigail Breslin was adorable and Ryan Reynolds was amazing. I have to admit that I got a little weepy a couple of time.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • Wondergrrrl
      Wondergrrrl: Shockingly honest and adorable this movie keeps you guessing who Mya's real mom is and is packed full of actors you've pro
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
    • Jeffreynewman72
      Jeffreynewman72: . Unlike most romantic comedies, this one is centered primarily around the adorable young actress Abigail Breslin from Little Miss Sunshine, another one of my favorites. Abiga
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
  • No Reservations

    No Reservations (PG, 2007)

    Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Abigail Breslin, Patricia Clarkson, Jennifer Wade
    Carol Fuchs adapts writer/director Sandra Nettelbeck's screenplay for the 2001 romantic drama Mostly... read more Martha for this Scott Hicks directed remake starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, and Patricia Clarkson. Kate Armstrong (Jones) is the master chef who is equally intense both in and out of the kitchen. Though Kate's "Type A" personality serves her well when whipping up meals in the trendy Manhattan eatery where she has made a name for herself, it threatens to sink her when she is named as the guardian of her nine-year-old niece Zoe (Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin). To complicate matters, an impetuous new sous chef named Nick Palmer (Eckhart) has recently joined the kitchen staff and his freewheeling personality seems to stand in direct opposition to Kate's unwavering perfectionism. Yet, despite the fact that they couldn't be more different on the surface, there's no denying the strong attraction between Kate and Nick. As the rivalry between the competitive cooks gradually gives way to romance, the lessons learned by compromising in the kitchen reveal to Kate the importance of learning to openly express herself in order to truly connect with Zoe and find romance with the good-natured Nick. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • Comicgirl101
      Comicgirl101: Completly adorable and the food was beautiful. The charecters were charming & the scenes were fitting.
      An int
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • serene1326
      serene1326: s nothing unexpected or new here -- just a sweet and satisfying romantic comedy, with the droll and adorable addition of the all-but-ubiquitous Abigail Breslin.
      Reviewed 6 years days ago
    • chealac
      chealac: Adorable Abigail, to bad she had to co-star in this very perdicatable mess of a movie.Catherine is
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks

    Alvin and the Chipmunks (PG, 2007)

    Jason Lee, David Cross, Cameron Richardson, Jane Lynch, Justin Long
    Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are back in director Tim Hill's computer-animation/live-action hybrid fol... read morelowing the further adventures of the world's most adorable singing trio. Songwriter Dave Seville (Jason Lee) has been struggling to gain recognition in the music industry for some time, and despite the fact that his former college roommate (David Cross) is now a high-profile powerbroker at Jett Records, Dave still can't manage to get a break. Things soon start to look up, however, when Dave discovers three singing chipmunks hiding out in the branches of a Christmas tree in Jett Records' world headquarters. Realizing that these woodland crooners cold prove to be his ticket to the big time, Dave does his best to transform Alvin (Justin Long), Simon (Matthew Gray Gubler), and Theodore (Jesse McCartney) into the next great pop sensation. As adorable and talented as they may be, though, these bouncy little critters aren't quite domesticated just yet; they still have a wild streak in them a mile wide, and it isn't long before Dave's life, home, and career are in utter chaos. But staying mad at such lovable little creatures is next to impossible, no matter what kind of mischief they might get into. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • shellmac76
      shellmac76: Such a cute, sweet, funny and adorable movie. The songs also make a good listen.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • sugarspicecherrydrop
      sugarspicecherrydrop: . but still, very adorable and funny. :)
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
    • lizap14
      lizap14: .......and cool. and cute.

      ahhhhhh this movie was so cute. the chipmonks are so adorable!!!!!!!
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
  • Penelope

    Penelope (PG-13, 2006)

    Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Catherine O'Hara, Peter Dinklage, Richard E. Grant
    A kindly aristocrat suffering from an unsightly curse breaks free from her extravagant, prison-like ... read moreestate to seek adventure and discover her true self in a romantic, modern-day fairy tale directed by Mark Palansky and starring Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Peter Dinklage, and Reese Witherspoon. Generations ago, a witch placed a curse on the Wilhelm family that would result in the next girl being born into the clan having a porcine snout -- and now young Penelope (Ricci) has fallen victim to the vengeful hag's unsightly grudge. When tabloid reporter Lemon (Dinklage) runs a misleadingly frightening photograph of the kind-hearted Penelope, her parents, Jessica (Catherine O'Hara) and Franklin (Richard E. Grant), lock the girl away in a sprawling mansion. Though it is said that the curse can be lifted if a man of Penelope's status takes her hand in marriage, every man who lays eyes on the girl takes flight at first sight, never to return -- until the arrival of Max (McAvoy), that is. An unrepentant gambler with a heavy heart and an ulterior motive for meeting Penelope, Max is unexpectedly caught off guard by the pig-nosed girl's disarming charm, and suddenly flees before carrying out his nefarious plan. Now determined to throw caution to the wind and explore the world on her own terms, Penelope makes the acquaintance of independent-minded delivery girl Annie (Witherspoon), who fast agrees to join her newfound friend on the ultimate journey of self-discovery. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • fb566659031
      fb566659031: This has got to be THE MOST ADORABLE Fairytale Love Story EVER!!! Christina is a pure Doll. Reese l
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
    • Rabbitzilla
      Rabbitzilla: it was an adorable movie. i love the simplicity that she simply needed to love herself.
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • RemiLogan
      RemiLogan: Absolutely adorable film! Christina Ricci actually looked cute WITH the pig nose.

      Great light-hearted tale ab
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
  • Despicable Me

    Despicable Me (PG, 2010)

    Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Will Arnett
    A mysterious criminal mastermind has stolen one of the pyramids in Egypt, sparking a fit of jealous ... read moreenvy in evil genius Gru (Steve Carell), who hasn't managed to make headlines since he and his minions swiped the Times Square JumboTron years back. Ever since Gru was a little boy, he dreamed of going to the moon. Now, if Gru can just build a rocket and get his hands on a powerful shrink-ray, he can cement his reputation as the greatest thief who ever lived by stealing the Earth's satellite right out of the sky. But immediately after Gru heists the shrink-ray, the cunning super-nerd Vector (Jason Segel) swoops in and snatches it right out of his hands. Now, in order to claim the moon, Gru must first reacquire the weapon from Vector. Armed with the knowledge that his nemesis has a mean sweet tooth, Gru adopts cookie-selling orphans Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Agnes (Elsie Fisher), and Edith (Dana Gaier) and commissions a new line of cookie robots from the evil Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand), his personal weapons specialist. But as Gru and his diminutive yellow minions prepare to carry out the biggest heist in history, something strange happens. Gru discovers that the three little girls who have come into his life are much more than simple pawns. They actually seem to care about Gru, and it turns out the scheming evildoer makes a pretty good father. When Gru realizes that his upcoming moon mission clashes with a ballet performance by the girls, he must decide what's more important -- being a present parent or cementing his nefarious reputation once and for all. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • johnfgt
      johnfgt: a perfect-adorable-touching-cute-movie. fun for all ages and the family.great characters.all fun movie.i enjoy
      Reviewed 14 months days ago
    • luisalima1964gmailco
      luisalima1964gmailco: . Gru has my heart and the girls are just too adorable. Despicable Me offers new stuff from your everyday kids movie. This time everyone is rootin
      Reviewed 10 months days ago
    • fb20905576
      fb20905576: So adorable it's almost disgusting. But definitely adorable!
      Reviewed 22 months days ago
  • Monsters, Inc.

    Monsters, Inc. (G, 2001)

    John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Mary Gibbs, Steve Buscemi, James Coburn
    After exploring the worlds of toys and bugs in the two Toy Story films and A Bug's Life, the award-w... read moreinning computer animation company Pixar delves into the realm of monsters with its fourth feature. Hulking, blue-furred behemoth James P. "Sully" Sullivan (John Goodman) and his one-eyed assistant Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) are employed by Monsters, Inc., a scream processing factory. It seems that the denizens of their realm thrive on the screams of kids spooked by monsters lurking under their beds and in their closets. It's the job of Sully, Mike, and their co-workers, including sarcastic Randall Boggs (Steve Buscemi), crab-like CEO Henry J. Waternoose (James Coburn), and lovely snake-headed receptionist Celia (Jennifer Tilly) to keep the frights flowing. When Sully and Mike are followed back into the monster world by a very unafraid little human girl named Boo (Mary Gibbs), they are exiled to her universe, where they discover that such a modern-day mythological specimen as the Abominable Snowman is a fellow refugee. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi
    • fb567092354
      fb567092354: . Boo is my favorite, she is just adorable
      Reviewed 23 months days ago
    • fb1077523731
      fb1077523731: . Even the little girl they recorded for Boo is delightfully adorable.

      The real magic of this movie, though, is the story. So much imagination went into this t
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb1617086934
      fb1617086934: . Billy Crystal and John Goodman really make the story enjoyable. Boo is adorable. Watching in 3D was a treat.
      Reviewed 16 months days ago
  • Ponyo

    Ponyo (G, 2009)

    Noah Cyrus, Yuria Nara, Frankie Jonas, Hiroki Doi, Tina Fey
    Acclaimed anime master Hayao Miyazaki returns for his ninth animated feature with Ponyo, which deals... read more with a friendship between a five-year-old boy and a goldfish princess who yearns to be human. The daughter of the king of the ocean, Ponyo is no ordinary goldfish -- she has all the magic of the sea at her disposal. But when five-year-old Sosuke befriends the spunky little fish near the seaside home he shares with his mother and father, a special connection sparks between the two children, and Ponyo becomes determined to become human. Transforming into a little girl, Ponyo shows up at Sosuke's doorstep, delighted to make herself at home with her new land-dwelling family. But having a magical fish princess walking around on dry land begins setting the mystical balance of the world off kilter, and even though the innocent love Ponyo feels for her dear friend is strong, it will take some help from the greatest powers in the ocean to make things right again. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi
  • WALL-E

    WALL-E (G, 2008)

    Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, Macintalk
    Disney and Pixar join forces for this computer-animated tale about a wide-eyed robot who travels to ... read morethe deepest reaches of outer space in search of a newfound friend. The year is 2700, and planet Earth has long been uninhabitable. For hundreds of years, WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) has been taking out the trash, and collecting precious knick-knacks in order to stave off the boredom of his dreary routine. Little does WALL-E realize that he has recently stumbled onto a secret that could save planet Earth, and once again make the ravaged planet safe for all humankind. When highly advanced search robot EVE makes friends with WALL-E and realizes the value of his remarkable discovery, she excitedly races back to let the humans know that there's hope for their home planet after all. But after centuries alone in space, WALL-E can't stand the thought of losing the only friend he's ever known, and eagerly follows her into the deepest reaches of space on the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, the friendly trash-collecting robot who has always known what he was made for gradually begins to understand what he was meant for. Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton returns to the helm for this family-friendly sci-fi adventure featuring the voices of Fred Willard, Jeff Garlin, and Ben Burtt. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • myfluffylittlekittyc
      myfluffylittlekittyc: . But you can laugh at some funny little robots, and really Wall-E is just adorable, seriously. This movie can defiantly make a grown up laugh, not just the kids. Looked brill
      Reviewed 13 months days ago
    • louisa2466
      louisa2466: . Wall-E is definitely the most adorable character Pixar have created to this date, even surpassing Boo from Monsters, Inc. The love
      Reviewed 19 months days ago
    • dwmbinns
      dwmbinns: . Andrew Stanton is a storytelling genius. The whole film is just... adorable.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago