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Best Freddie Prinze Jr Movies

  • She's All That

    She's All That (PG-13, 1999)

    Freddie Prinze Jr., Rachael Leigh Cook, Matthew Lillard, Paul Walker, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
    In the tradition of Clueless, Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, comes a hilarious new comedy a... read morebout sex, style and popularity... starring Hollywood's hottest new teenage talent. At a snobbish high school in Los Angeles, Laney is not your typical student. In a place that's all about appearances, she's all about art, truth and making a difference in the world. She never attracted much attention until the most popular guy at school bet his buddies he could transform her into the prom queen. Now, he has five weeks to make her over, take her out and set her up. But they have no idea who they're bargaining with.
    • Bostonceltics6
      Bostonceltics6: . Despite this, it's strangely memorable and it's so late 90s that it's unintentionally hilarious.
      Freddie Prinze Jr. plays a high school jock who is a lot smarter than he looks (seriously, he has li
      Reviewed 2 months days ago
    • fb1637963399
      fb1637963399: . She's very artistic and smart, and the preps despise her for it. Zack Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is the most popular guy in school and thinks he can get any girl he wants. He ma
      Reviewed 18 months days ago
    • muffin0681
      muffin0681: When High School prom king and all round coolest guy in the neigbourhood Zack (Freddie Prinze Jr) is told by his girlfriend Taylor (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) that she's leaving him for Br
      Reviewed 9 months days ago
  • Scooby-Doo

    Scooby-Doo (PG, 2002)

    Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini, Rowan Atkinson
    The long-running cartoon from William Hanna and Joseph Barbera that began life in 1969 as Scooby-Doo... read more, Where Are You? becomes this live-action, tongue-in-cheek comedy-adventure featuring a computer-generated version of the easily frightened, mush-mouthed Great Dane. Freddie Prinze Jr. stars as Fred, the blonde, confident, ascot-sporting leader of Mystery Inc., a ghost-busting service that exposes phony supernatural phenomena as the work of shysters. Working with Fred are: his rich, beautiful girlfriend, Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who has a bad habit of getting kidnapped by villains; Velma (Linda Cardellini), the real brains of the group who pines secretly for Fred; cowardly slacker and dog's best friend Shaggy (Matthew Lillard); and the snack-gobbling pet pooch Scooby. However, after solving its latest case involving a beleaguered toy company owner (Pamela Anderson), the group fractures over Fred's habit of grabbing credit for everyone's hard work, despite the pleas of Shaggy and Scooby. Two years later, they are reunited at Spooky Island, a theme park and teen spring break destination that owner Emile Mondavarious (Rowan Atkinson) claims is plagued with ghosts. Suspicious as usual of any claims involving the paranormal, the Mystery Inc. clan is soon probing a scheme involving ancient rites, summoned spirits, and brainwashed college students, forcing the group members to resolve their differences and uncover the truth. Directed by Chris Columbus protégé Raja Gosnell, Scooby-Doo features the voice of Scott Innes as the title character. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi
    • fb852760595
      fb852760595: . Totally heart Freddie Prinze Jr.!
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • brittanyhiltunen
      brittanyhiltunen: . Totally heart Freddie Prinze Jr.!
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • shesdownbytheriver
      shesdownbytheriver: . You almost feel embaressed for them.
      You can count of any film with Freddie Prinze Jr. in, that there will be Sarah Michelle Gellar. Both should be shot.
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer

    I Know What You Did Last Summer (R, 1997)

    Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Freddie Prinze Jr., Muse Watson
    During the annual July 4th festivities in a North Carolina fishing town, Helen (Sarah Michelle Gella... read morer) wins a local beauty contest and departs with her boyfriend Barry (Ryan Philippe) and pals Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.). On their way back home, Ray hits a fisherman with her car. The teens panic, drop the body in the water, and abandon the scene. Many months later when Julie returns from college, she gets an anonymous note: "I know what you did last summer." The four teens suspect the note was written by their classmate Max (Johnny Galecki), but then Max is murdered -- and the terror begins. (In the original Lois Duncan novel, the teens hit a small boy on a bicycle instead of a fisherman.) The screenplay is by Kevin Williamson, whose credits include the 1996 box-office hit Scream. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi
  • I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

    I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (R, 1998)

    Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Brandy Norwood, Mekhi Phifer, Muse Watson
    I Know What You Did Last Summer was one of the two teenaged horror movies responsible for bringing t... read morehe horror genre into the 90's (the other being Wes Craven's Scream). Both of those films came from the pen of screenwriter Kevin Williamson, and both of them generated sequels. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is the continuation of Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a tortured college co-ed who accidentally almost killed a man and left him for dead one night. One year later, that man, named Ben Willis, came back to kill all of Julie's friends. Now, another year later, she still suffers from nightmares over the horrible incidents. When Julie's roommate Kate (Brandy) wins an all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas on a radio promotion by guessing the capital of Brazil, she decides to take her roommate Julie, her boyfriend (Mekhi Phifer), and their new friend (Matthew Settle) on the retreat. Once there, they discover that besides being the rainy season, they were also followed by Julie's nemesis who is still seeking revenge. Slowly the islanders turn up murdered, leaving Julie no choice but to explain her past actions to her friends and fight to stay alive. It will entail the final showdown between her and Ben Willis once and for all. ~ Chris Gore, Rovi
    • richardksbaer
      richardksbaer: I don't think I've ever liked anything with Freddie Prinze Jr. I see no reason to start now.
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • mangokamaboko
      mangokamaboko: . It's falsely suspenseful and contrived. The best part of this movie is seeing the pretty ring Freddie Prinze Jr. bought the mopey, big breasted Jennifer Love Hewitt.
      Reviewed 6 years days ago
    • PrettyOnTheInside
      PrettyOnTheInside: hmmm the sexiness of freddie prinze jr makes it worth watcin
      Reviewed 7 years days ago
  • Happily N'ever After

    Happily N'ever After (PG, 2006)

    Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., Andy Dick, Wallace Shawn, Patrick Warburton
    Cinderella's wicked stepmother has tipped the balance of power toward the dark side in Fairy Tale La... read morend, and now it's up to the put-upon princess to restore order and ensure that good triumphs in an animated adventure featuring the voices of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., Sigourney Weaver, and George Carlin. For years, the Wise Wizard has worked hard to ensure that the scales of good and evil were always well-balanced, but as with any hard worker the Wise Wizard needs a relaxing vacation every once in a while. When the Wise Wizard goes on holiday, his faithful assistants Munk and Mambo make the crucial mistake of allowing Cinderella's wicked stepmother, Frieda, come into possession of their master's magical staff. With time fast running out before Frieda casts a shadow of darkness and sorrow over Fairy Tale Land, Cinderella must now awaken from her romantic dreams to take on her fearsome stepmother with a little help from her best friend, Rick, and a virtual army of heroic dwarves and fairies. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • asecretrage
      asecretrage: cute, but weird in a way - freddie prinze jr's character is awfully cute for a animation.
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • PhoenixHearted
      PhoenixHearted: very amusing.. cute and loved freddie prinze jr.... was distracted a bit by the celebertiy voices..
      Reviewed 6 years days ago
    • differentcinderella
      differentcinderella: It was actually better than I thought it was going to be and Freddie Prinze jr played a better hero
      Reviewed 7 years days ago
  • Down to You

    Down to You (PG-13, 2000)

    Joanna Adler, Freddie Prinze Jr., Julia Stiles, Jennifer Albano, Caroline Ambrose
    This Big Apple-based romantic comedy charts the tumultuous relationship between liberal arts student... read more and budding chef Al (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and his first girlfriend, Imogen (Julia Stiles), a self-possessed freshman who wants to become an artist. After meeting in a bar, the pair jump into a giddy, passionate affair that's grown-up enough to include face time between the young lovers and Al's DJ mom and TV-chef dad (Henry Winkler). After a summer abroad, however, Imogen feels like the relationship is robbing her of her youth, and the couple must struggle with romantic and domestic growing pains. Meanwhile, their wacky friends -- who include porn stars (Selma Blair and Zak Orth), stoners (Rosario Dawson), a mullet-haired lunkhead (Shawn Hatosy), and a Jim Morrison look-alike named Jim Morrison (Ashton Kutcher) -- provide laughs, advice, and sexual temptation. The debut film from writer/director Kris Isacsson, the teen-themed Down to You marked a change of pace for normally grown-up Miramax Films. In addition to a slew of recent rock and pop, the film prominently features music from such downtown New York fixtures of the past decade as Deee-Lite ("Groove is in the Heart") and Cibo Matto ("Moonchild"). ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi
    • xandiXlizXmackix
      xandiXlizXmackix: . Al has a celebrity chef dad while Imogen is an artist. Featuring good acting performances from Freddie Prinze Jr., Julia Stiles, and Henry Winkler. And I find Ashton Kutcher's short role amusing,
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • smnthsalmon
      smnthsalmon: I REALLLLY ENJOYED THIS MOVIE!!! and I enjoyed seeing the cuteeeeee Freddie Prinze,jr:)....Julia St
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • gemini24601
      gemini24601: en aimé ce film; je dois faire de la fière, car je viens dire quelque chose de positif d'un film de Freddie Prinze Jr.
      Reviewed 6 years days ago
  • Boys and Girls

    Boys and Girls (PG-13, 2000)

    Freddie Prinze Jr., Claire Forlani, Jason Biggs, Amanda Detmer, Heather Donahue
    In this romantic comedy, good friends change their feelings about each other over the course of thei... read morer four years in college. Ryan (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and Jennifer (Claire Forlani) have known each other since grade school, though their oil-and-water personalities don't always mesh. Engineering student Ryan focuses on his studies and future career, while Jennifer likes loud music, partying, and not doing her homework. As they suffer their share of disastrous relationships, these two opposites begin to wonder if they were meant to be more than friends. The supporting cast includes Jason Biggs as Ryan's loudmouth roommate Hunter, Amanda Detmer as Jennifer's neurotic pal Amy, Alyson Hannigan as Ryan's sometime girlfriend Betty, and Heather Donahue, who is no worse for wear after her experiences in the Maryland woods in The Blair Witch Project. Director Robert Iscove also worked with Prinze on She's All That (1999). ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • aliceinpunderland
      aliceinpunderland: .

      The movie shares many familiar ingredients of its predecessor and other 90s teen classics: Freddie Prinze Jr. (this time as the Lainey Boggs-esque nebbish pantywaist, rocking the sk8terboi mi
      Reviewed 14 months days ago
    • deano
      deano: Not a bad comedy-romantic with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani as college students whose blossoming friendship nurses them th
      Reviewed 6 years days ago
    • flynnparadox
      flynnparadox: Poor, neglected Claire Forlani is forced into another unwatchable Freddie Prinze Jr star vehicle. Man, is this kid untalented.
      Reviewed 8 years days ago
  • Summer Catch

    Summer Catch (PG-13, 2001)

    Freddie Prinze Jr., Jessica Biel, Fred Ward, Jason Gedrick, Brittany Murphy
    This blend of sports and youthful romantic comedy is from director Michael Tollin, who previously pr... read moreoduced the sports drama Varsity Blues (1999). Freddie Prinze Jr. stars as Ryan Dunne, a ballplayer who's spending the summer as a pitcher for the famed, highly prestigious Cape Cod League, a non-professional farm team that has turned out numerous baseball legends. Ryan's under special pressure on a number of fronts. He's the first local boy to earn a slot in the league in years, and his blue-collar status earns him the enmity of a hot-shot college teammate, Eric Van Leemer (Corey Pearson). Although he's backed up by his best friend and team catcher Billy Brubaker (Matthew Lillard), Ryan adds more stress to his life by embarking on an affair with a beautiful, wealthy young Vassar graduate, Tenley Parrish (Jessica Biel), who's spending the summer on the Cape with her parents. Tenley is facing her own crisis as her father (Bruce Davison) pressures her to move to San Francisco and work with her uncle, though she'd rather remain in the East and become an architect. Summer Catch is the third onscreen teaming of Prinze and Lillard, and also stars Brian Dennehy, Wilmer Valderrama, Jason Gedrick, Fred Ward, and Brittany Murphy. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi
    • fb100000026582941
      fb100000026582941: ." Really? this is just a terrible movie. Freddie Prinze Jr is absolutely a horrible actor. There's actually a really good supporting cast but
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
    • helwigs
      helwigs: What is with Freddie Prinze Jr, and being is crappy chick flicks?
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • Drusilla
      Drusilla: Freddie Prinze Jr., Jessica Biel and Matthew Lillard!!! Gotta love it!
      Reviewed 6 years days ago
  • Head Over Heels

    Head Over Heels (PG-13, 2001)

    Monica Potter, Freddie Prinze Jr., Shalom Harlow, Ivana Milicevic, Sarah O'Hare
    A female art restorer shares an apartment with four fashion models and spends her time peering out t... read morehrough their rear window. In the building across the way, she sees the man of her dreams murder someone, but she finds an odd attraction towards him.
    • fb500640216
      fb500640216: . I liked it. Freddie Prinze Jr. Is very cute.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb45603797
      fb45603797: . Love to hate it, hate to love it. Expect cheesy Freddie Prinze Jr. grins and uncomfortable pick-up lines and you will have a grand old time.
      Reviewed 22 months days ago
    • anneker
      anneker: I saw this movie wtih my niece. And although it wasn't Freddie Prinze, Jr.'s best movie he has eve
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
  • Wing Commander

    Wing Commander (PG-13, 1999)

    Freddie Prinze Jr., Saffron Burrows, Matthew Lillard, Tcheky Karyo, Jürgen Prochnow
    Based on a popular series of video games, Wing Commander introduces us to an elite fighter squadron ... read morein the year 2654. The Earth confederation is at war with a vicious race called the Kilrathi. The Kilrathi have captured a navigational device which will allow them to jump through worm-holes in space to arrive behind enemy lines. Only this highly trained squadron, led by three young pilots, stand in their way. Christopher "Maverick" Blair (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is just out of the Academy, but his lack of experience is more than compensated by his exceptional navigational skills, though he is still haunted by the deaths of his parents in a previous galactic war. His friend, Todd "Maniac" Mashall (Matthew Lillard), is a brash, gung-ho fighter jock always rushing into danger. Their wing commander and leader is Jeanette "Angel" Deveraux (Saffron Burrows). Assigned these two new pilots by Admiral Geoffery Tolwyn (David Warner), the strong and beautiful Deveraux is at first resentful, but later develops feelings for Blair. Perhaps the two will find time for romance on their way to saving the solar system. ~ Ron Wells, Rovi
    • Surfer567Rosa
      Surfer567Rosa: freddie prinze jr. and matthew lillard sure do like making mediocre/bad movies together.
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • TheAluminumMonster
      TheAluminumMonster: Its a movie starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard. Come on. Has Matthew Lillard ever made a movie that wasn't
      Reviewed 6 years days ago
    • sabon2002
      sabon2002: Matthew Lillard and Freddie Prinze Jr. work well together and it shows in this movie.
      Reviewed 7 years days ago