Best 1980 Movies

  • Fame

    Fame (PG, 2009)

    Kristy Flores, Asher Book, Paul Iacono, Paul McGill, Naturi Naughton
    This remake of the '80s classic focuses on a group of young students attending a high school for the... read more performing arts. Classmates study various aspects of performance, from dance to songwriting to acting, all of them hoping for the chance to one day become stars. Debbie Allen, Charles S. Dutton, Kelsey Grammer, Megan Mullally, and Bebe Neuwirth portray the instructors, with a host of newcomers toplining the production as the students. ~ Cammila Collar, Rovi
    • PunkAlternative
      PunkAlternative: . So, the movie was very touching for me.

      I thought the 2009 film was better than the 1980 one. However, I haven't seen the original Fame since 1980, so it might not be fair to make that
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
    • KristinMikael
      KristinMikael: to prep for this movie we rewatched the original from 1980. since I was 9 then, I realized that a) I never did see the whole original movie, and b) I th
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
    • nerrojj
      nerrojj: Source Material: American musical film which is a loose remake of the 1980 film of the same title.

      Acting and Dialogue: C: A little better than the popular High Musical
      Reviewed 4 years days ago