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Tom Cruise Trivia

in the movie Interview With the Vampire Tom Cruise was NOT the author's first choice to play Lestat? true or false true
In the film Top Gun, Val Kilmer's character Ice says this to Maverick - played by Tom Cruise "I don't like you because you're _______." dangerous
In what movie did Dakota Fanning and Tom Cruise play in together? war of the worlds
Same name... Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith Aaron Stanford in X-men: The last stand Keanu Reeves in Constantine Anthony Hopkins in Amistad Tom Cruise in Minority Report John
who did tom cruise play in war of the worlds? tom ryan
Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay, a pair of white underpants and a Porsche. Name the film? Risky Business
He has been a race car driver, a Navy pilot, a vampire and a samurai. Who is he? Tom Cruise
Which actor starred in the role opposite Tom Cruise in the movie, "Interview with a Vampire?" Brad Pitt
Which Anne Rice book came to the screen in 1994 with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in starring roles? Interview with the Vampire
What do these people have in common? 1. Johnny Depp & Tim Burton 2. Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese 3. Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman 4. Matt Damon & Julia Roberts 5. Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson They have collaborated on several movies together
Who did Cameron Crowe want to play Jerry Maguire before Tom Cruise read and took that part. Tom Hanks
Name the actor who played Lestat in film of Anne Rices "The interview with the vampire" Tom Cruise
The Tom Cruise character name in "Mission Impossible " was? Ethan Hunt
Why can't people spell correctly?? Who is tom cruuise? who was the main actor in War of the Worlds You Chose: a. Bruce Lee (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: a. Bruce Lee (0%) b. Tom cruuise (7%) c. Dermot Mulroney (1%) Tom Cruise (pick for 10 points)
Another incorrect question -- Who plays Austin Powers in the movie "Austin Powers in Goldmember"? Kevin Spacey Tom Cruise Michael Caine John Travolta This question would have been better stated as "Who plays Austin Powers in the movie "Austin Powers in Austinpussy"? Tom Cruise
Found an error! Who plays 'Lestat' in the film Interview with the vampire You Chose: a. Tom Cruise (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: a. Tom Cruise (4%) b. Leonardo DiCaprio (0%) c. Johnny Depp (0%) d. Brad Pitt (4%) Lestat is played by Tom Cruise, bonehead! I'm right, Tom Cruise - it even says so on imdb
Tom Cruise eventually played the lead role in "Jerry Maguire". But for which actor was the part initially written? Tom Hanks
What is the real name of Tom Cruise Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
Tom Cruise eventually played the lead role in "Jerry Maguire". But for which actor was the part initially written? Tom Hanks
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV? Tom Cruise.... duh!
What is incongruous about Tom Cruises role in Jack Reacher In the books Reacher is huge and well to be fair Tom Cruise isn't

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