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Patricia Arquette Trivia

In what movie did Laurence Fishburne and Patricia Arquette act in together? Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3
In Stigmata Patricia Arquette is thought to be speaking jibberish, but further investigation uncovers she is speaking an ancient language. Which language was it? Aramaiic
In what movie do Sigourney Weaver and Jon Voight make troubled teenage boys dig endless holes in the desert??? (hint: this movie also starred Patricia Arquette!) Holes
She had a role in Pulp Fiction. She is a sister of Patricia Arquette, and a sister-in-law of Courteney Cox. She is currently not married and is keeping her maiden name. What is her name? (This is just basic reasoning, you don't have to be familiar with her work to get the question right!) Rosanna Arquette
In the amazing True Romance, starring Christian Slater and PAtricia Arquette, Clarence's conscience is Elvis Presley, who plays Elvis? Val Kilmer
Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette star in what film together? True Romance
patricia arquette was in NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3. true
Which of these stars did not appear in Natural Born Killers? Patricia Arquette
who played Christian Slater's girlfriend in "True Romance"? Patricia Arquette
Who portrays Frankie Paige in Stigmata ? Patricia Arquette

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