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  • Name: Cary Grant
  • Date of Birth: January 18, 1904
  • Place of Birth: Horfield, Bristol, England, UK
Mini-bio: At age 9, he was told his mother went away to a seaside resort. She had actually been placed in a mental institution, where she would remain for years, and he was never told about it (he never saw his... read more mother again until he was in his late 20s). He left school at 14, lying about his age and forging his father's signature on a letter to join Bob Pender's troupe of knockabout comedians. He learned pantomime as well as acrobatics as he toured with the Pender troupe in the English provinces, picked up a Cockney accent in the music halls in London, and then in July 1920 was one of the eight Pender boys selected to go to the US. Their show on Broadway, "Good Times", ran for 456 performances, giving Grant time to acclimatize. He would stay in America.
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  • Cary Grant died in 1986.
    In the 1988 film, A Fish Called Wanda, John Cleese's character is named Archie Leach as a tribute to the legendary Hollywood star.
  • Cary Grant only had one upper front tooth.
    the other one was knocked out playing ice hockey as a child.
    He had dental work to push the other teeth along to fill the gap.
  • Cary Grant retired from films in 1966 (aged 62) & became the director of Faberge cosmetics.
  • Cary Grant turned down the role of James Bond in Dr.No(1962).
    Reportedly, he did not wish to be committed to a film series.
  • Cary Grant was born named Archibald Alexander Leach.
    In His Girl Friday(1940), his character remarks : "Archie Leach said that."
  • Cary Grant never once played a villain.

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